Sublimation Heat Transfer Printing


Our company has the latest Sublimation Heat Transfer Printing system and technology. Our production line is located in China, our own factory. The copyright of your designs is well protected. We have been providing service for fashion manufacturers, football clubs, concert organizers, television and massive performance producers by supplying them with costumes, fashion.


The outcome of our textile print is vivid and extraordinarily brilliant. With heat sublimation printing, the images are permanent and do not fade. There will not be a plastic coating on the surface and the printed images are extremely washable and scratch resistant because the image is protected within the surface.


Production sequence is started upon receiving customers’ design, and there is no minimum quantity of production. We understand that customers wish to have highly individualized and unique products and we can cater for your needs. Our technology can offer you distinctive products. In this way, there is no need to produce huge amount of stock in advance and storage can be reduced.



Sublimation Print Product:

Sport Jersey

Polyester Water Repellent Jacket


Extra High Water Absorption Towel


Drawstring Bag